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Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce is fantastic.  The campgrounds are very nice and shaded.  There are nice, meandering bike paths.  We felt we could spend a longer time here because it is laid back and comfortable.  The hiking at Bryce is down and up!  Seriously!  What goes down, must come up!  LOL!  So, the hikes are great but realize they are down into the canyon and then you must come up and out.  There are also trail rides into the canyon via mules.  It is a great experience but realize if you are afraid of heights or unsure, you may decide to pass up this experience.  I talked my fearful sister into doing it on the premise of YOLO!  She ended up doing it and enjoying it.  The nearby town has a neat place called Ruby's Inn where you can go for an old timey dinner and western show!  Great experience.  


How to do this trip  


North Campground

--1st come 1st serve reservations

Sunset Campground

--accepts reservations

Bryce NPS Website


Map of Bryce

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