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Cross Country-Busy in the Car

Cross Country--Busy in the Car

Keep a tote with nuts, bananas, apples, oranges (get the fruit in there), and all your favorite snacks, plus candy from the dollar store!  Also, a small cooler with water, juice, soda, and individual drink mix packets.  We tried to keep a schedule including electronics, reading, coloring, movies, toys (Barbies, legos, action figures, dolls, etc.)  We also downloaded audio books to listen as a family.  

RIM TO RIM Times & Routes

Times & Routes

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Cross Country-Meal Ideas

Cross Country--meals

I keep a cooler in the car for drinks and some other items for meals.  After years of different scenarios, we settled on hotels.  So we would typically get a free breakfast.  For lunch, we try to stop somewhere with shade (there are some very nice state maintained rest areas) and prepare a lunch.  Some ideas include individual tuna packets, crakcers, yogurt, cream cheese and bagels, uncrustables, chips, and fruit.  Of course, you'll want to have a nice tote with napkins, wipes, and plastic/paper plates and utensils.  Make it easy!  For dinner, we typically grabbed off the dollar menu at fast food, JUST SUBS at subway (not the whole meal because of course you've packed chips and drinks), pizza.



Packing List

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RIM TO RIM Supplies

Supply list.

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Links, Maps, Guides.

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