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Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument

Escalante, Utah is striking!  We first visited over 20 years ago before it was deemed a National Monument.  The ride into the town/area is beyond description.  The town itself is quite small (a strip of a town) and the surrounding area is vast.  Hole in the Rock Rd. is the main entry point to the canyons and hikes/backpacking.  Bryan and I backpacked here before we the kids and the experience is unparalleled.  We will return here to do a backpacking trip as a family.  More to come...

Sandstone Canyon

How to do these trips.  

Many pages have this guide.  Some do not.  Some trips we have done in much detail and require a lot of planning.  Other trips/locations do not require as much advanced planning either because of the location and/or because of the type of activities we did there.   In some case, we haven't yet gathered enough in depth info.     

Make your reservation in advance!

They can be made 9 months in advance.

Equipment List




Map of Indian Lake

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