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Rim to Rim Supply List

One Day

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  • Hydration Backpack (water bladder and room for stuff)

  • 2 light weight water bottles

  • Headlamp

  • Neckerchief/Neck Gator (for sun protection and dousing in water constantly)

  • Sun Hat (wide brim best)

  • Sunglasses

  • Phone (pictures, etc.)

  • Charging Cord

  • Battery back up for phone and cable

  • Compass

  • Signal Mirror

  • Basic First Aid Kit

  • Space Blanket (emergency blanket

  • Short section of duct tape (wrapped around a pencil)

  • Maps

  • Notepad/pen/pencil

  • Walking stick

  • Knee band (helps with knee pain) and/or Ace bandage

  • 10 feet nylong string

  • Matches

  • Water treatment tablets (in case of emergency

  • 1 large black garbage bag per person (indispensible for many reasons--emergency sleeping bag, collect water, tarp, inventions come from necessisity)

  • ziplock bags for organizing random items in backpack

  • carabener



If you are doing a one day rim to rim, as described here, then you will need the following:

  • sunscreen

  • chapstick

  • toothbrush/paste

  • Tylenol/Advil

  • TO PREVENT BLISTERS: moleskin and vaseline (prevents friction),


  • whatever items you feel you need to clean up when you get to the opposite rim (I brought small sized shampoo/conditioner (also used as body wash), lotion, mascara)



  • 2 pairs socks (wicking socks--to prevent moisture--blisters)

  • 1 old school liner--we switched them out for comofort depending on thickness, going uphill/downhill)

  • 2 shorts with built in underwear

  • 2 tops-- 1 short sleeve/no sleeve and 1 long sleeve--both lightweight wicking shirts

  • 1 sports bra

  • 1 underwear

  • 1 pair light weight, packable pants (leggings)

  • 1 lightweight, packable down jacket

  • 1 warm hat

  • 1 sun-protective hat

  • 1 neck gator


LIGHT COLORED CLOTHING!!  BLAZING HOT SUN!  All clothing was light weight, altheltic sports apparel, not necessarily high end, but lightweight.


If you are shuttling back or hiking back, this list works--but do your comfort level. 

Breakfast--For the one day trip, we ate a good quality granola bar (we have our favorites), an apple, and a banana.  Of course a cup of coffee.

Lunch--We ordered a bagged lunch at Phantom Ranch.  It was very convinient and saved a little weight.   It was ALOT of food and very delicious.  I might do this again next time or may pack.  If I were to pack, this would be it:

a bagel with peanut butter/nuttella/almond butter, beef jerky/sausage, orange/apple, trail mix (your pick--maybe salty/sweet mix).

Snacks--Our snacks were so satisfying.  We packed: good quality granola bars, apple sauce squeezies, beef jerky,  almonds, peanut m&ms, trail mix.  Again, pick your favorites but make sure you have some good protein sources, salt, and a little sweet.  

Drinks--Obviously lots of water in the hydration pack.  But we also carried 2 light weight water bottles and used individual drink mixes (walmart brand) and we each had on single serving packet with caffeine for a little afternoon pick me up.  This is typically in a regular day when we would have coffee so this was the substitute.  And finally, an electrolyte mix--one for each day.  I loved this--somehow it felt very revitalizing.  

Dinner--We ate dinner when we finished the rim to rim.  We ate at the North Rim Lodge.  The next day we headed back to the South Rim and stayed overnight at Phantom Ranch bunks.  We had dinner at Phantom Ranch Canteen.  Yum!

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