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Bryan Newman

Middle School STEAM teacher at Frederick County Middle School, Virginia.  Loves the outdoors, fishing, hunting, hiking, backpacking, biking, travelling, building and fixing things!.

Carla Newman

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Special Education teacher at Frederick County Middle School.  Loves hiking, backpacking, running, cooking, sewing, gardening, reading.  

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BRCA 1 Gene Mutation.


Isabella Newman

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11th grader who loves running for school, reading, spending time with family and friends, and exploring our wonderful world.

Grace Newman

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9th grade, 13 year-old who loves reading, taking care of animals, quiet time, bike riding, being creative.   


Thomas Newman

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7th grader who loves fishing, running, hunting, baseball, Gary Paulsen books, tacos!

Meet The Team

The information within this website comes from our personal experiences.  These are places we have visited, places we seek to go, equipment we use and don't use, ideas to make your trip more enjoyable and simple. 


Hopefully you find inspiration here to connect with nature, the one place that "naturally" soothes and heals our tired, worn-out souls and brains and bodies. 

We are Carla Newman and Bryan Newman, both teachers, living in Virginia.  We have three active kids who have, thankfully, taken up our summer wanderlust obsessions!  ​

Thank you for visiting and we hope you find information that will help you keep on the trails!

And we begin!  24 miles from the south r

So much to say....the drive has always been there to go, to see the expansive sky, the leaves dancing, the flowers swaying, the red rocks, to move your body, to feel and hear the wind in the canyon and sweeping through the trees, to touch the warm, smooth rocks, the prickly pine cone... to feel connected to what we are a part of.

We humans are complex.  But there is a simplicity in needing to love each other, be loved, and connect with the natural world with which we have become too far disconnected.  

So keep on giving, loving, being loved, spreading joy....but we cannot forget to be away from the noise and clutter and bombardment of the speed and pace in which we find the times in which we live.  

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