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Adirondacks, Indian Lake, New York

Early Summer 2019

We spent 6 nights on Indian Lake.  We reserved a whole island because we like the flexibility of the island to be ours.  The sites were 15, 16, 17, 18.  We set up base camp at site 17.  It may seem silly to reserve all the sites but we really do enjoy the peace and tranquility of having an entire island that is just ours for the week.  This way we can freely explore the island for hikes, walks, etc.


We were there from June 8th-June 14th.  It is still a bit cool up there at this time of the year.  The kids did swim but the water was cold.  Bugs are definitely something to keep in mind as they can get bad.  We didn't have too much rain but we do come prepared for rain.  A few things to keep in mind about rain:  your tent/s must be waterproofed, ensure you have a rain fly, bring extra tarps to create make-shift shelters to put your picnic table and cooking area underneath so you are not trapped in your tent when it rains, bring a screen house for bug relief!  Taking the time and investing in these details make or break your trip!  So, go for it!


We have a motor boat that we trailer up to shuttle ourselves and gear from the boat launch area to our island.  But it is totally unnecessary to have a motor boat.  Bryan and I have canoed over when it was just the two of us and Bryan has taken some kids and grandma via canoe.  That said, pick the sites based upon your mode of transportation.  Keep in mind that reservations for campsites should be made 8 months in advance.  Doing so, pick the sites that you believe you will be comfortable either paddling to or motoring to.  So if you have lots of gear and do not want a long paddle, choose a campsite on an island closer to the marina.  By the way, canoes can be rented at the Park's Boat Launch area. 


I much prefer using the motor boat and at this current point in our lives with 3 kids, a dog, and Grandma and lots of gear, it would be difficult to shuttle by canoe.  We do bring kayaks as part of the gear our motorboat shuttles to the island.  But if you are just a few people with minimal stuff and don't mind the paddle, go for it!  It is an adventure.  The canoe is very peaceful and zen!  Also, we use the motorboat for fishing.  

How to do this trip

Make your reservation in advance!

They can be made 9 months in advance.

Equipment List


Map of Indian Lake

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